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In the same manner as a fire diminishes as the fuel same is diminished, and goes out without fresh fuel, so the human body wastes with insufficient food, and dies from its absence. His practice was more active and less expectant than that of the Methodics (how). He says:"Bleeding ought never to be employed in this stage of the process, though it may become necessary when the circulation has returned, and reaction has taken place." This means, liberaDy interpreted, that after the patient at is out of danger it will not kill him to lose a little blood, although it might have been the death of him while When the disease is caused by deleterious gases, narcotic or metallic fumes, etc., or the anaesthetic agents, the treatment chiefly consists in exposing the patient freely to the open air, dashing cold water in the face, pouring cold water over the head, and active friction with pulmonary inflation, as in the preceding variety.

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