the cost of the illness of the 350,000 patients who recovered. To do this

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more blood and dulness is more extensive. Often small dull areas may be

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both of whom died. Orchitis was found in 2 among 930. In 72 autopsies 1

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rod-shaped elements. It is a nonliquefying organism. The chain formation

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swelling and oedema of the tissues which may extend all around the neck and

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the only positive proof we have of hemorrhage but this does not necessarily

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measles, purpura and some of the other acute infections. It must be kept

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of men between the ages of 30 and 50 to be an average of

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Dr. Brannan said that we should not forget that albumin-

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^Joumal of the American Medical Association, vol. xxxix, September 27, p. 739.

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at their regular routine work in quite active exercise. Im-

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antitoxic nor bactericidal, or but slightly so, but which aid apparently by

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^Medical Repository, 'New York, 1820, vol. xx, 261.

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a great deal of annoyance, discomfort, and sometimes considerable suffering.

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this brief abstract of the different theories advanced to ex-

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especially severe and there was no cause for anxiety until the occurrence

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much alike: the occurrence of diarrhoea, splenic enlargement, rose spots,

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Lobar pneumonia as a complication of malaria is practically always of

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were beaten. On careful palpation, six of these nodules could be felt situ-

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many generations, and these wovdd appear to warrant a nega-

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teeth chattering, cyanosed lips and icy extremities. Chills are said to be

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population escaped. In 1828 an epidemic occurred in Charleston, in

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beyond the pain there may be very little change for an hour or two after

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McCrae and the present series) it occurred in 93 ( . 7 per cent.). It is thought