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influence exhausts its force chiefly on the capillary circulation
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performed by the hepatic lobules, the bile being secreted by the membrane
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cases; I am informed that one storm of this kind, not long siiice,
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be exceedingly rare. And it must be equally rare for the invaginated
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Bizth month, he was removed, at his own request, to the Brandy-
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or seat w^orm. The worm known as tricocephalus dispar is probably suffi-
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succeeding scarlatina, the patient d^-ing from interruption of the respiratory
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is surprising. In some cases of embolism of a branch or branches of the
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Dr. Matbubry stated that some years ago a patient was sent to
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clavicle. The top of the tumor was covered with several
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death, supposed he was simply dyspeptic, his ailments not being sufficient
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affords, the greatest latitude.f In variola, the inflammation,
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children is far from being generally appreciated. The quality of milk is
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Tlie intellect generally remains intact, or slight mental aberration only
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and these twenty were the only intemperate persons among 600 tubercu-
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without any escape of gas. A host of remedies were emplo3''ed in this
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plantain leaves as a placebo, the doctor not knowing what was best
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the kidneys of inferior animals, by Prevost and Dumas, Bernard and
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covery 'again took place, and after the lapse of several months, appeared
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abdomen distended and tympanitic, mottled in color with diĀ£fer-
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evidence of this limited bronchitis. Bronchitis affecting the bronchial
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a variety of valuable prescriptions that have been thorougly tested in active practice, or
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more or less increase of heat, the increase, in mild cases, not exceeding
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rendered probable by S3'mptoms of hepatitis and suppuration having pre-
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the present season, he believed, from what he had witnessed, that
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tion to the abdomen of compresses wet with cold water.
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perfectly known. Clinical observations have shown that it is more or less
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* Annuaire de r^conomie Politique et de la Statistiqne. Poar 1852.
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gested the necessity of tyiug the carotid artery, and this, in all
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membrane becomes inflamed by constituents of inspired air which are
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its passage through the pulmonary organs. If the agent m the blood
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tuent for the manifestations of healthy life, and, hence, a deficiency occa-
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eyes now turned upon him, as the representative of his eminent
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presenting the symptoms last stated are often distinguished as cases of
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inquir}^ will often lead to a confession of the imperfection of existing
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touched by oxygen they exhibit the manifestation of vitality.
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as in the first variety, take place at once, but the fibrin is isolated more
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in arresting affections which are characterized by intermittency ; remedies
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maximum of health. Diarrhoea not infrequently continues, the dejections