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and to keep her hands away from her eyes, or she may
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These pleural exudates are, as a rule, not closely ad-
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I should certainly think they were without any motion depen-
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lime. If such necessity should be found to exist, there are, proba-
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pressible ; the pains were growing weaker, and she was ordered an
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ment of the tubercle bacillus in its cultures include
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(^Section in Ophthalmology : Medical Association of the
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bladder, and over this the preputial flap was sutured
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ing them through the paths of physics, chemistry, and biology,
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tion of these chronic foci is the treatment to be first
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The breasts thus enlarged are extremely painful, probably
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powerful medicinal effects on the human constitution, are found in al-
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rob the mucosa of its normal mucus is to deprive it
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of severe continued pains, and stiffness in all his large joints,
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in his cases were less frequent than in the cases of
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uted to chronic intoxications, viz. : alcohol in ten
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to a part of the joint, or to a not too large portion of the
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faction, with which the discovery of the virtues of guiaicum in
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tions connected with the chain of morbid sympathies which I
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tendency to internal rotation of the lower fragment.
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Dr. Fingerhuth on Hypertrophy of the Mammary Gland. 255
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casualty clearing station, established eight to twelve
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(3) this is a toxic, infectious, epidemic syndrome,
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Tliis in a free pleura usually reads a minus 3 to 6.
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bacilli and has a similar morphology, but it is dif-
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and apprehensive. Disoriented as to time and place,
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produced ; for as the sudden arrest of a diarrhoea may produce ascites,
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gives twenty grains of salicin every hour for three
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for public service as a part of his job. The appeal
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four grains to an eight ounce mixture, and in others the quantity
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it enlarged more quickly, and seemed to become soft in the
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The dissection was performed by Dr. Benson, (to whom I am
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