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REPRINTS — Requests for reprints should be made directly to

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less greatly benefits by its presence amongst us. Up to the year

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clomipramine hydrochloride is a medication used in the treatment of

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sweat, frequently of a critical nature, breaks out upon the whole body, and

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who did not have HCM by echocardiography, 10% of those less than 40 years of

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humoral nosology, as that in which the proportion of the fibrine of the

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4. Oral contraceptives may cause fluid retention and should be prescribed with caution,

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quately treated by antimicrobials, the other organ-

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meantime, he still has the opportunity to make up the 75 per cent. Am I right ?

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W. A. Britton, President. (Signed) R. A. Pyne, Registrar.

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I, et al: Treatment of mild hypertension with diuretics The importance of ECG

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animals after death. The diffused redness appears in the cerebral substance

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that all the rest, the qualities namely of each parti-

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This plan of cure will, I think, be generally found applicable in children, it

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increases in exercise tolerance, probably due to its ability to

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which L<'rench surgeons are so familiar— present broad features of

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resuscitation with abdominal counterpulsation in dogs.

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It facilitates the transfer of the magician's power to the ob ject

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tem as one of the predisposing causes of dropsy? Now, if the due equili-

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minutes after the stings were inflicted.' The poison of spiders has been

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Thompson, John, M.R.C. S., L.S.A., Suailh, Yorkshire

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indignant and wreak his wrath upon the offenders. Thus he '

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This girl is now in the enjoyment of excellent health.

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of the College of Pathologists and American Society of

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■! joy to increase and watch over the flocks and herds of tl

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fable of the frogs and boys, as the lively enjoyment they

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Dr. Britton — I think in another section they have permission to pass the primary

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I understand that I am liable for one night’s room deposit and tax

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year 1855, on a trial affecting the validity of a will,

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there will be better ways to live in the future. No one

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9. Headache. Onset or exacerbation of migraine or development of headache of a new

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emergency services department. Windy Hill Hospital is part of the

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order to present the report of the Curriculum Committee.

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hard and rigid state, and its almost black colour, caused

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tablets are supplied in bottles of 100 (NDC 0088-1 772-47) and in Unit

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upon him accordingly on the following day. I found the