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portant business after ten o'clock. He had been told that that was the
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2. Mr. DoBSON read a paper on the Treatment of Ulcers by Trans-
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asked a question about the circulation of the blood, that Professor
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according, as Dr. Miller had said, to their usual mode of living, .and to
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gradually increased to sixteen elements and four needles. The opera-
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influence the making of laws for the improvement of the medical pro-
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capable of insi)iring such paltriness in others. His colleagues were his
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"The sciences do not constitute an anarchy, nor even a republic, but
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In order to retain the privileges of a newspaper, the Journal must
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burgh) agreed with what Dr. Miller had stated with regard to the propriety
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In the wards I found about twenty cases, including six of labour, a
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the profession. The Council was only referred to by implication ;
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dresses, and places of birth to the officer of either College, not later
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that the enlargement mainly occupied the left side. As it became a
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diastolic, and the second systolic, ihen we have an inversion of the
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eye is effected by changing the curvature of the crystalline lens. It is
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especially with reference to the application of anatomical facts to sur-
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"This last most important subject will be fully dealt with elsewhere,
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King's College medical school will be opehed on Monday, October 3,
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death, a murmur preceding thr first sound was detected at the right edge
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The new ophthalmic wards at this Hospital are now verging on com-
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living matter are due to a peculiar power ; although at the same time I
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clinical examination should be not only to find out that a student can
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ascitic fluid. On enlarging the opening in the peritoneum to the same
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The Treasurer's Report, which showed a balance of ..i 7 : 6 : 9 in
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and to some extent the returns for the three years bear out this opinion.
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at 3 r.M., and agreed on the Report to be presented to the meet-