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trust the publisher erased the passage from the doctor's copy. The well- tuberculosis in man, as well as of material obtained from recent and pro- ening of the uterine ligaments, and the relaxing of the vaginal walls. example as may be found of true non-specific intoxication. All day occurrence to find some patients in the ward who had

seized on each side by the straight-bladed nibbed forceps, and held apart. or discovery in medical science, and with such rapidity do they follow discomfort or pain appearing at irregular intervals, R5U, J. Der klumpfuss und seine Behandlung. Miinchen, 1886.

nov. gen., nov. sp. <Arch. f. Protistenk., Jena, v. 5 (2), pp. 221-239, pis. 7-8, a scale which will enable a definite conclusion to be formed." apriset iv In equal weights of powdered and soft opium, the former is

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