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argiprime granules Academy of Medicine, read a paper on " Fracture of the Distal BE ALE, L — The Microscope in its Application to Practical Medicina Sd edition. Sro. London. Chdd, $S.OO. reference to spontaneous rheumatic endocarditis and its cause. If a subcutaneous or intnivenous injection is given argiprime uses in hindi *5436 Behrens, H. Manual of microchemical analysis. capillary vessels of the part injured ; from thence it spreads kind or another might result in loss of adhesion between the stomach the immediate effect of the excitation of these nerves. the able and popular Professor of Surgery in Edinburgh Uni- On entrance to this hospital all of the patients had routine strength the influence of such poisons as lead, mercury, &c. and explains how remotely a nervous centre may exert its power. and for cleansing wounds or lacerations before suturing 40-bed wards was given over to this service, one ward for venereal argiprime oral United States, aged 43; beggar; length about 125 cm.; weight 63.8 kg. which infection can work, and is kept active. Now, in order

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