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to re-establish him in the full confidence of the profession, and
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mortification might be looked for with certainty. 2.
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ion of small amounts of it in food is not without its drawbacks so far
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Hunterian Chancre in the Female.— Dr. Alexander W.
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merous organs are perfectly distinct, and whose functions are
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In 1869 Eulenberg and Vohl stated that the disease was due to sudden
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and is affected by the most varied agencies. Those which tend to
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after the original attack. There was no epilepsy known in the family,
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marked change for the worse. There was extreme emaciation,
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must be etherized and the skin cleansed as in any surgical operation. The
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in its opinion, necessary, in accordance with which, indigent,
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changes that occur, all bear an interesting, and important relation to
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culty in keeping on his feet. He had never been rendered helpless by the attack,