the cord changes was a close one, for the cord changes
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pregnant. .About the end of July she had some uterine
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The most striking symptom was the considerable atrophy which the limbs
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organic diseases, but not very often. These functional
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and to convin<ie him that his master is also his superior and
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few powerful uterine contractions that terminate labor at once; or, as it
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tion of the phenomena of life, by far the greater part of these
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I. Active or Arterial Determination of blood. In this
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plete the cure, and are likely to prevent relapse. — Lancet, Nov. 1.
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of preparation on the part of the physician, before he is
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nues of excretion should all be kept open to aid in the elimi-
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narrowing of the pelvic brim ; the child had presented by
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their shape considerably, as the renal tissue first yields to the pressure,
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guinea-pig, anil cattle inoculated with anthrax blood of
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with considerable effusion, affecting the left side. This patient presented,
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lakiuria, cryaesthesia, dead fingers, itching, buzzing in the ears, epistaxis,
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believe that it should be our aim to bring every woman to her con-
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tainly a sudorific anodyne, and occasionally, through an
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woman is a fact that need only be mentioned. 11. Ex-
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hemianopsy, from involvement of the optic radiations. Tumours in the
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various detachments which constituted the average field
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blood-tinged serum exudes. Air is still present, the lung tissue crepitates,
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clearly of a hereditary nature; 390 cases of drunkenness were due
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reply, he could not regulate his speech movements, and
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-ease is due to the lack of skUl and care, or to the aggra-
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to be suckled, is from twenty-one to twenty-four months. This interval, be it
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tient continued to work but became progressively worse