cians were assessed by means of a survey developed for this

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candidly crying out for the help he so " earnestly"

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Pathologically, three classes of cases maybe recognized:

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In the first stage, the signs on which the diagnosis is to be based are,

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cidentally present should multiply. The epidemic in this country in

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it is recommended to take a moderate quantity of ^ blood from the

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these the bending was slight in degree. The commonest deformity of

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humanity and kindness evinced by them, and also by the nurses.

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- the encouragement of price competition in health care

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special section of the book. The anatomist and physiologist will be

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and showing a definite histological structure, is a matter of speculation. Com-

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some other conditions, the disturbance may, by external irrita-

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question of blood-supply, he had plainly stated in his paper

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advance subscription must notify us to that effect, otherwise we assume it their wish to have it continued

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blood," and that by this deficiency, also, " the muscles become weak." By

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would give 2000 persons eijual in intelligence, expe-

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adults I give 36 to 7- grains in the nyctemera, generally 48

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within, the whole corrugated surfaces will not be retained in apposition,

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not occasion scurvy, and scurvy will take place where no salt is used —

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A quarantine has been established at Frcelandville, Knox

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Bilious concretions may be present withoutany danger to the individual

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508.— Thilliez (L. ) Injections sous-conjouctivales d a-

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inhalation of nitrite of amyl or nitrite of isobutyl. These drugs sometimes

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makers are most liable to be attacked with scrofula from artificial causes.

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infect by contact, but at the same time leave behind a centre or

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Tuberculin skin tests are one of tiic major diagnostic

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' edge of the inner tuberosity of the tibia, across to the posterior edge of the

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fumigating them in a tightly constructed chamber or box such as is

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upon the skin coincide with the general effects. In

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abscess ; a large amount of blood Avas present in the peri-

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ground material to 45 c.c. of hydrogen peroxid at 27 C, while 1 gm. of the

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ophthalmometer and make his diagnosis with that instrument if

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duration is longer than this in some instances, but, probably, never several

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indicated in 504 cases and not indicated in 62 cases. Thus only

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appearance of rickets associated with great enlargement of

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