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neath the rail to chock down the stanchion and prevent lifting when the beam is sprung

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.lirlKMi^li tlicic is little (Idiilit that it is I'loscly rolatcd with tlio develop

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6. KteTNBB: struma syphilitica. Brans' Beitrage, 1898, XXII,

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is then gently shaken so that the drop of plasma spreads in a layer no

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6. KteTNBB: struma syphilitica. Brans' Beitrage, 1898, XXII,

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rect preoperative diagnosis, while desirable, is not

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Ray McIntyre, St. Louis; Mr. W. H. Bartleson, Kansas

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rulings will be the same as those in connection with the preparation of ham products ;

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lishment of a four-year medical school in Kansas City, Mis-

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warrant an expression of opinion as to the final outcome.

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which otherwise in a reflex located in one se-iiieiit only it would be im-

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told me in a very irascible manner that he did not need my informa-

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Kiiilli WHiiii. hiU'iiix ,i.tiiii I.I', 7>>il

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with plasma. On the other hand, there is good evidence

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kept under precisely the same conditions as those that died of rabies

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proved repeatedly in practice, actually approached her dead body

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IX. An External Direct Method of Measuring the Conjugnta Vera. By

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its standard error and therefore unlikely to be due

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prove that it is eapahle of pcrt'oniiiii',' its other functions. It is eas.v In

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Acute Suppurative Ujpophysltis as a Complication of Purulent Sphenoidal

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that portion of Kiowa County lying north of Comanche County and the line between

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,.ver that everv time fo..d is irivn a paitieular s..und is made; after

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April 1, 1914, complete autopsies have been carried out on 70 per cent

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lioily lias licfii mit liij of. as cv iili ni'c(l liy tlic roiisiiini-y ot' tlic (I to \

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old white male T/Sgt. The only history available is

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bined with other growth and health promoting vitamins

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are those cone, ed with the deeper structures, such as the vascular

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Fig. 2. Tubercle bacilli from culture Girl I, after bovine passage.

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real values for maintenance were found to range from 56 per cent of

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■ >liii..|l.'V. I. I». : I'r.". I'll.*- S,.,'.. .Ii.ui. I'liv-i..!., ll'l;.', xl», J"..

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voice. The pulse was 90. At operation (January 8, 1896) such an

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eral changes. The pancreas is surrounded by fat, which, however, is not

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of Caddo County north of the right of way of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Rail-

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animals nor such a high average reached for the year, with the single

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the eonrliisioii that the liver i:. the only pli ill Hie animal l.oily in uhi.-i,

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ways. Thus, at the cinl of a i>rri.iil of Vwvx starxalion consiilorahh'

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nu'ents. Hewlett has found, however, that very l;irue in.jections of urea

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Regulation 23, — Footboards shall be of wood and of the same dimensions as head-

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