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affected, or only the special senses, as of tact, taste, smelt, hearing, and
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most eligible form for administration, and may be taken in the dose of
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extremely tenuous walls of the capillaries, and is in like manner enabled
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diseases ; but many of the inhabitants died of mere inanition,
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concentrated form, its affinity for water, and its disposition to coagulate
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very free, more so indeed than after any other animal food,
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brilliant demonstration of the tuberculosis bacillus
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intermittent, 32 Vjy nitric acid, and 9 by sulpliote of quinia, that the
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property of hemp would render it useful in expi>lling the retained pla-
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sively, accumulate in the bowels, and produce some mechanical iiicoi]«l
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; in a moderate stimulant power, directed especiallv to the nervous
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officinal. It is prepared from the leaves by percolation with diluted
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of the S3rstem ; debility with ansmia ensued ; and with these were prob-
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the former method, it has been called Jiotoers of zinc. In composition
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to the gastric liquor than any other preparation of the metal, given in
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the gum-resin is rubbed with water, it readily forms a white or yellowish*
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ish-black powder, inodorous and tasteless, with decided magnetic prop-
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These observations were corroborated by experiments in which
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n»^ uit<* tlien; tiie humil kK*fon- ai'(*uuiuiat*-d iti ihe </i*n;m: vir4i.*t*ra aud
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dairement dans les tissus ou les nerfs vont se terminer. Ces puissances, en
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process. Though the offects of the gas maybe obtained io this way, yet
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have been bottled before the entire completion of the fermentation, so
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eomfortahij to the patient. It is also an excellent carminatiTe, |>rodiie>
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too stiQ^ a kxaJ iaipreggioa Aa aacAunt of Laag«nbech1i
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systems — AUbutt or Nothnagel — a system of sur-
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the original stimuiaiit impression. The operation of op urn upon the
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turnip, the beet, the parsnip, the skirret, the salsafi, &c.
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other circumstances, moderate exercise so as to get the sto-
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and of opium to which the system may become accustomed, with present
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is most appreciated by the laity, though often mis-
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copy, in which it will often do good by its pungency.
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perience, when exposed to a great degree of cold, is owing
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of the totin, the excitabUity is so far exhausted that, on the withdrawal
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south of the equator. These comprehend the greater part of
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ciple of the vegetable astringents, must affect the system in the same
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injurious. No food is given in this form ; and, for the pur-
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