credit for being honest, though they are mistaken; but there are many who are

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The antcnntc appear to be sensory organs, and the mandibles to vary in

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previa by cesarean section. There is too great a tendency on

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efficacy would be to reject the testimony of the above cases.

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lowing a second injection of egg white into an animal sensitized against egg

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one condition at the bottom of most of their troubles.

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be poured at once into the inhaler, a crash towel folded

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which still surrounds the intimate structure of living

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as essentially connected with, if not dependent upon a certain depraved

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arranged in a ring. Meanwhile the base of the vesicle becomes indurated,

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he would have said something as he had seen a somewhat similar case. He

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I had the satisfaction of curing a boy with this ointment, who

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youth» and thus, aided by an infirm constitution, brought on a

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observing the case for some time, and in many instances is reached only

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ernment l)i)<ird, on an outbreak of enteric fever

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A little to the left of the centre of the forehead, says Dr. Fitch,

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illustrative cases are reported by the able clerks of the hospital.

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because it caused pain. Hilton would say that these move-

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describes the various instruments for that purpose and their use. The

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A deuotkaed is never so great a fool as to kill himself; the

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the connective tissue was so loose. It was the easiest thing imaginable

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stance as it melts and is converted into vapour is eminently

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and considers it merely as a catalyzer secreted by the leucocytes of the infected

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every day for necessary articles to the source#of infection, the

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The superior right articular process of the tenth vertebra was

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plete or considerable in degree, the affected muscles waste, and at length,

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teaches that it does not belong there. In the interest of the victims

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present as a very important earl}'^ symptom. The increased frequency

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such as a misstep or a fall, but in those who have pre-

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of the latter, thus clamping these together, and the stem itself closely in

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istered at night, according to its quantity, I have united more

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luted drinks effected no change in hi;5 condition. M. Lacroix having

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spoiling the voice of the patient, and where one was

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perature of animals, and the temperature and moisture of the atmosphere. It

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oussiim of some cases of centrical refractiim through

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the minds of our studi'nts (Hear, hear.) But if you go into

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enter the blood ? Have we not seen nephritis supervene in consequence of

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elasticity seems to be preserved ; but when converted

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ib. Conidial mass a dense column of conidial chains.

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have been reported from various parts of the Empire. There is

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This retains heat and moisture and the mercury seems to be absorbed