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This, then, must be a subject worthy of our inquiries; and the
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at least to herbivora. M. Galtier announced some time
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Dr. Hendon : When I received the programme and learned
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one case, the Bacillus lactis aerogenes ; in one case, the
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to chemical or other irritants, or to the (possible) invasions of microbes.
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dense adhesions of the fundus and the posterior surface. 5.
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The place should then be carefully washed with a little soap and
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worthy differences in the microscopic lesions of the intracerebral
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repeated motion-sensing illusions may be developed in normal per-
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the property of men whose daughters married was 50 per cent,
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nal antiseptic, and its oily constituents give it a more healing and penetrating
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and anastomosing cavities lined with a smooth wall, probably lymph vessels.
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as may tetanic conditions. In this condition it is well to re-
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they are to be removed. In r2t on t^K "?"^ '^^ ""^^"^ by vvhTe Jetepv f ' "°' "^"^^ ^^"^^'^nt time nee -^X'f' ^" "^^ ^^^^ P^a'e
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inal films seven days later indicated that the coin had passed.
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Dr. William Butler said that it was always stimulating when anyone
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nutrition of infants), is found in the final product.
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gan to suffer from toothache, which was accompanied
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from into adjacent districts. In India, for the week ending
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tis. It is also an excellent heart stimulant, increasing
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influx of water M even i imp i ■ an] kin :. » perfectly well-drained is
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produced by the mere vibrations of an ethereal medium j and we are forced,
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Musculoskeletal Diseases Report to the Congress of the United States, April
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becomes vitreous on cooling. It is decomposed during distillation,
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Symptoms of chronic gastritis less severe than of acute dyspepsia
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been obstructions at the orifices of the heart? It was not
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inch, about four lines are obtained. Sigault himself
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used as a substitute for currants and other fruits in jellies.
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eight days, during wMcli period she took 227 grains of the salt. At
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him. It must, however, be admitted that these cases were extremely
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six times within fifty-six years. The same methods of death
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