To combat this influence, "Puck" has recently taken up the

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School of Medicine (class of 1910), and in the sudden death of Mrs. Cooper

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the company the name Heinz will doubtless always recall a most

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three beds each and a room for electrical treatments. On each

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the committee would warrant the committee in coming to the conclusion that the conduct of

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annual session of this Council the finances in connection with the cost of maintenance of the

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to cure an aneurism of the thoracic or abdominal aorta with

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Council, most useful to the profession, most advantageous in the estimaticm of multitudes of

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submit to a physical examination, giving as a reason that she had been

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made to cause the disappearance of carcinoma and sarcoma

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eyes even after the correction of refractive and muscular errors,

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on with the treatment, and she got worse. That poor widow, with a couple of children,

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reviewer believes that at the present time this is the most satisfactory and

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allied conditions, and incidentally the determination of the effect

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ever bearing in mind that a weakened muscle tires more easily

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easily answered by calling the defendant, Dr. Clark, and submitting him to cross-examina-

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The Glyco-Thymoline and Listerine companies were present

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The one great obstacle which has stood in the way of opera-

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Just before the above conversation another physician had said that there

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particular activity had been the department of anatomy, and the museum at

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on the committee. There are very few members who desire to serve on that committee. I

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c. If the fracture be of such a nature that a disabling de-

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The last report was April 8. The patient was doing all house-

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to extinction, that its mission is ended. I do not think so. The

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increase in the size of the sella turcica. Under treatment she was

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upon any one ailment as they are at present upon this dread afflic-

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dyspepsia, constipation and shifting neuralgic pains, form some

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case) to allow us to operate and see if there was a pressure that

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of the Board of Trustees of Westborough State Hospital, and Mr. Ed-

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"The type of extinguisher that will insure protection in a measure is

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we should see to it that no young man, no matter how. advanced he may be in the science of

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through orthodox books and journals), and modern physics and chemistry

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In passing to the more practical feature of this subject,

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Questions of operative technic, concerning equally all the

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of many years, starting in 1882, and others, have likewise been

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Miss M. N., age 57. Comes of an old New England family.

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therefore have very great pleasure in nominating Dr. Henry, who is at present our Vice-

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seriously threatening the immediate extinction of life, is capable

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a hundred other things. To sell this building at a great sacrifice I am not prepared to vote

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bility of direct infection of the lung from the tonsil, and the

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Whether his theory is correct or not it is surely an encouraging

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and small doses of agents like X-rays (observations which only confirmed