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the crew of that ship. The statement would, if correct, have
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character depending upon the particular fault in the
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glasses near to the spot where we suspect the pulmonary apoplexy is forming;
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tion of the blood together with an affection of the kidneys. In
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numeroiis. The agglomeration of these dilated vessels into masses
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worms. She was very violent in temper, and whilst in the hospital
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las has spread over the whole face, which is excessively swollen; tongue
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five grains morning, noon, and evening of the dav of apyrexia, was pre-
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it is placed, and thus represents the simplest form of a principle of
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in the outer portion of the canal; when masses of ear-wax
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firom that of Schwann, by whom the fibre was represented as
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the tumour. The form in which this fluid most often appears
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more circumscribed cavities, with thin walls, and containing
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facts it directly reveals, but by stimulating work in the direc-
arthritis precipitated by isotretinoin treatment for acne vulgaris
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these ocular disturbances. We shall enquire what symptomatic
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the preparations of platina (chlorides) are poisons; the perchlorides in the dose
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manifested itself in the town of Altenburg in Saatotiy, twenty-four
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months previously she had had a fright, which deprived her of move-
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chick, sheep, and human embryos at various stages of growth,
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to say that so well recognized a poison as alcohol is not
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sick. As soon as the nature of the poison was discovered, four ounces of the
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and apprehended under circumstances denoting a derangement
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The American Journal of Pharmacy, July, 1841. (In exchange.)
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fibrine of it), it at once ceases to give the red colour with
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mal nose and throat that makes these people think them'
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versions and flexions are due rather to concomitant disease of
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tnmonr at each pulsation of the arteries. There was no cardiac affection and no
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detectable. The brain, larynx, and testicle are so often affected
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brance, we should have fewer complaints about the difficulty of detecting this
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Dupuytren, with a large varicose aneurism of the upper part of the thigh, which
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Of these last 4, one died of phthisis after amputation of the leg, and two of the
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forces its way into them from pre-existing ones. How then
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namely, the synovial membrane and the cancellous tissue of the
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the optic nerves, the mischief being established first of all in the
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the period of their intemperance, with a variety of morbid symptoms: — the dis-
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the neck first became rigid, the head being drawn backwards, and then twisted
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in the curvature of the cornea. The image of the object
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no unusual features beyond the fact of its having been developed
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rally unaccompanied by pain, but in a few cases the belly is the seat of pain,
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dilution of unhealthy exhalations; the erection of public slaughter-houses in the
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uterine disturbance is coexistent, the cause must be looked for
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been prevailing at the end of 1864 and beginning of 1865. The
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tology, Statics, and Dynamics. 2nd, Mechanics. 3d, Pneumatics, Hydraulics,
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able to its author^ and well adapted to answer the purpose for
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the disease, and the method of treatment, which are of great importance,'