earliest infancy, and sends her to a fashionable boarding
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duces sleep more like the natural than any other narcotic, causes consid-
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body is shaken by the motions of iho horse, the muscles are employ ml in
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timntt; aad they may tkns penetnte into tbe intenor of strncnra <
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sugar; but most of tbem are too pungent and powerful to be exhibited
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tion. The appetite is diminished, and the digestion impaired. These
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weakened by adding any desirable quantity of lard. In this form it
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But, with this general diminution of the vital powers and actions,
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acid existed in the bark. The extract wan triturated with water, and with gelalia
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shall treat separately, it is unnecessary to say more of it at present.
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object cannot l>e commanded. Hence thf^ staggering of drunkardis, theirl
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according to circumstances; three or four times a day, as a tonic, in
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advantageous are those principally of a nervous character,
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cipitate with these reagents, in consequence of the sesquioxide of iron
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which, as an almost universal rule, follows stimulation. I know no
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soluble in acetic acid, MurpHla consists of 1 equivalent of nitrogen, 35
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claims for mercy. The solemn prayer of the liturgy-
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mouth and fauces, urethra and bladder, vagina and rectum. Heoce
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ment. In the walls of this apartment were numerous aper-
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the master- word looms large in meaning. It is the « Open
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3. The peculiar medicinal or poisonous effects of certain substances
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black clouds give gradual place to calm sunshine in his coun-
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IUt coBJiected wrJi a low «tate of the rital forces and defeetiTe or de-
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ment, and of active congestion in the part affected. Under these ctr-
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The same is true of its emploTmeot in ejriemal cancer and other iD-
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In the tenesmus of dytenirry relief mar be expected from the injee^
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and more* stimulating than vegetable. Indeed^ the effects of a rclatiwe
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but, at the same time, it is moist, and, therefore, Avhilst it is
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Compomlion. Crystallized nitrate of silver consists of one equivalei
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ness of the dewy evening ? Who is not sensible of every
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lent ophthalmia, and for ulcers and specks on the cornea; while one con-
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the water is removed by the absorbents,, and that the solid
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known that the hogs were affected with a cutaneous disease.
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one man out of a dozen will get fat on oily meats, ten will
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terminating at the other in various modes for convenience of use, by
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pains, strangury, etc., mu.st have witnessed a greater and more speedy
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for they are, whilst in the water in winter, in a higher tem-
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* Since the publication of the first edition of this work, the subject of the oin-
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Tw^aetmmm.. ax. tttuxxtuaic ixidtstatuui^ m^L T^iif friuL iiKfitfa. eW4i«9i anc
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anthemata frequently recede, and universal experience has
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parts of this continent. The entire plant has, when firesh, a strong dis-l
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Figs. — Figs contain, when dried, a large quantity of sugar