In deference to the views enunciated in the despatches referred to, the

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and then cut away with the contained placenta. The stump

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white fibres, etc. Dr. W. H. Thompson presented a com-

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geon and Honorary Surgeon-Major Thomas Stainthorpe, retired, and

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gas, I may say that about a minute before he had complained of dizzi-

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Kegent's Park. ThinJ Tear .â–  The Peacock Scholarship

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possible to diminish the death-rate by one in ten, the saving to

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person came to register a death and stated that a death was

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to the Victoria Hospital for Children and the All Saints'

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urging "prompt and careful attention" to the recent judg-

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riages among lepers and with lepers do not increase the risk

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provided. Applications inscribed " .4p])lications for Resident Assist-

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May :ird; Jeremiah Sccrde, M.D., Surgeon to the Aurora, May 3rd;

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â– diagnosing between croupous and catarrhal pneumonia in

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ing the abolition of the presidency military commands in India. For the

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St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; L Gilbert, St. Thomas's Hospital ;

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referred to the case of a woman with multiple sarcoma in whom

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Professor Virchow then took the chair, and the Society

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ancient Egyptians were excellent observers, and it would indeed be re-

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occasional outbursts of shouting and jumping about in bed. i

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A. R. Anderson, F.E.C.S., Vice-President, in the Chair.

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plithisis, whicli would have, in ordinary persons, produced a rise of

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until there is a serious outbreak ot infectious disease, and then an ir^ n

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