Which I could not account xl for. The fflands of guineapigs demonstrably affected, beyond more or ess congestion, by the intraperitoneal injection of the serum of rabbits that had received repeated injections of guineapig's adrenals; that the serum of rabbits treated with guineapig's adrenals in vitro was actively hemolytic for guineapig's erythrocytes, and also caused more or less pronounced agglutination of fresh macerations of the adrenal glands; that the serum of rabbits immune from guineapig's adrenals differs from that of rabbits immune from guineapig's blood in being less toxic; that the remarkable variations in the susceptibility of rabbits to the toxic action of the active principle of the adrenal gland made it impossible to determine the minimum lethal dose of this substance by intraperitoneal injection of the substance in solution; that the repeated injection of rabbits with increasing doses of the active principle of the adrenal results in more or less tolerance, but the serum of such animals has neither more nor less neutralizing effect upon solutions of the active principle than has the serum of ms normal rabbits.

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So much research has been carried on both in the laboratory and by clinicians, that it is wellnigh impossible for the average practitioner to keep in touch with the rapid progress and to derive practical It is beyond the scope of this paper to report all progress in medicine "are" within the past year. And - the subject of reciprocity was spoken of by our Presidents in their addresses to the Fellows of the last two years.

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