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The pathogeny of this peculiar disease is obscure. The only lesion

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there were numerous cases of bilious typhoid, especially at its com-

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should be made with the zinc pole in the direction of the spermatic

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that the diagnosis receives from the discovery of valvular disease is

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sexual apparatus or other organs, I have experienced some excellent

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conducted to the brain either incompletely or not at all, and cause

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it is not sufficient only to increase the protective bodies in the

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disease by more effective and more rational methods.

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blood-vessels ; and it is surrounded by walls which do not expand ;

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gonococci in the tissues possibly as a result of the presence of

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the procedure of Bier, we apply a bandage loosely round the

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cerebri protruded. As the condition of the child admitted of no delay, I had

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The first suprapubic prostatectomy done in England was

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is here drawn between osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. There is

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cicatrices any oftener since he has stopped employing these remedies,

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sions with the neighboring organs. Even large fluid exudations are

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continuing it for four or six weeks. In order to make children take

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and loss of substance takes place, or else a vesicle or pustule forma

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be suppressed in the algid stage of cholera, where the heart's action is

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vals. Large quantities of liquid, especially of warm drink, are usually

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tion of the purpura, with the angioneurotic oedema. Gastro-

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this is too rapid and prolonged, the corpuscles, although abun-

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present investigations have shown this feature is unique in

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mental excitement, masturbation, or coitus. Various diseases of

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the posterior ends of the ribs of one side of the thorax not unfre-

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parent symptoms are paralysis and a peculiar and excessive atrophy

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two grains at a dose, in solution with dilute sulphuric acid. If we use

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solutions are employed, the pains are perfectly bearable and of short

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should be gently moved, while cleansing and disinfecting injections

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cuticle is not the result of mere perspiration, but of an inflammatory

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The favourable result obtained in these cases was very

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general health, of great weariness, pain and heaviness in the head,

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