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and serve their part as helps to gynaecologists and obstetri-
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magnesia, potash, soda, and other minerals, united with car-
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Progtiosis. — To arrive at a correct ]>rognosis it is necessar}^ to con-
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possible condition, all its functions being kept up to their highest
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To-day San Francisco keeps up her well-earned reputation
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is the material of which the nuclei are composed. In health,
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and make it his home. Years ago, consumptives went to mild
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badly, I would even be afraid of intravenous or tissue injec-
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absolutely the founder of plastic gynaecological operations. I
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meninges. In some of the organs, particularly the meninges, lungs,
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is by hypodermic medication, and, if your patient will submit
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Its predisposing effect may be attributable to compression of the lung,
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(b) The prognosis is modified by individual peculiarities (age, race, in-
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when we are, as often happens, at our wits' end for something
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of Pepto-Mangan (Gude), the hemic builder and general recon-
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Professor Casper, of Berlin, placed the patient in an empty tub, if
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Fatigue Curve. Fig 15, uormal curve, Fig. 16, after active , it,
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be the case, the curative effect is noticed only or chiefly when
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doses of one drop for every month of the child's life, the doses being
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enhanced by the tonic or clonic muscular contractions, either voluntary
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Being a young man, I thought I would begin to make observations
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home, but I think the good care and treatment they receive
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aids at the same time in propelling the blood onward. Arterial tension
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tory for nature's silent defensive processes in the struggle for existence.
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destruction of the plasmodia which have left the cells, either by phago-
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temperature of 60° F. will be appropriate. Should the patient evince
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used much. It is claimed that they destroy the sugar in the