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into healthy elements, and in this way may be speedily
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followed, and she sank and died three months after her admission.
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gave the following : Reaction alkalin, free hydrochloric acid
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behalf of removal, we dismiss as entirely unworthy of a notice in
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The direction of the back may be known by the scapula and
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powers of observation and mental processes which enable us to
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be of organic origin, or have become organic in its course ; whether
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degree, its nutrient and salutiferous effects have been passed,
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From Iris. The iris frequently suffers. As a result
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gastric region, sharp pains, running towards the last false ribs, increasing
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to be of equal, if not of paramount importance. The great mis-
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the people, who should have been protected by judicious legislation,
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By J. Adams Allen, A. M., M. D., Formerly Professor of
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three times a day ; also, to avoid mental excitement, and every thing
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year or two since. That paper, in our humble opinion, was
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ance in the recumbent posture rapidly impairs the appetite and the general
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which at times were quite intense. I found her in bed, lying on
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those of the child, when both are alive, how much stronger are
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same under all circumstances, and that the supply may exceed the
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gastric complications, in strangulation, in intussusception of the
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years since, more particularly recommended it in scrofula, dropsy,
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severe exertion in those unaccustomed to it. The hardy day-
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cular fibres of the sphincter, for about three-quarters of an inch,
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exclusively to the uncomplicated and simple examples of vesico-
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Query, is it possible that even the poison of hydrophobia may be,
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In the human female, at the earliest period of the bursting of the
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protest against them as a mode applicable to rustic constitu-
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I gave her a half grain of opium and allowed her to remain quiet.
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size of a half-dollar, hut rigid. During the afternoon and
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further assisted by a large enema ; great quantities of scybala were
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of perfection, a small piece of rigid drainage-tube
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concentrate the blood, increase the number of cells in a drop,
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petroleum or Barbadoes tar, which often moderates the cough and expec-
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degree of the tone or contractile power of the muscular coat of
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— " That two organs, the office of which is partly the same,
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ted eoagula attached to any part of the interior of the aneurismal
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This is the general anatomical arrangement. In addition it