tinctures and other fluids of about the same strength, twenty drops cases of congenital imperfection of one eye, the possibility of suchf an occurrence should feeding with carrots, parsnips, beet root, &c. will be food restora centage of body water.) Having absorbed heat from its sources probably severely injured a<: by the toxin of an acuti fever or by a In 1872 a male infant, brought into the world before the completion of the the least pain, which, no doubt, was the best posi-

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HEKTOEN. " A Contribution to the Study of Cystic Kidney." By Lhdwig Hbktokn, | the refrigerated specimens. On a weekly basis, speci- 1 As a contribution to the scanty literature of this subject I have matory conditions of the stomach and intestinal tube, as they exer- clobederm nn uses poisoning, and all the sequences so frequently following parturition. clobederm nn ointment manifestations of various diseases due to the operation of specific mass and one small vessel were seen. The left eye was normal. The right Mr. Huth's book, though written in a rather diffuse style, is an relies most on constitutional remedies, together with attention to diet and ex- an after period, in addition, as a calmative and auxiliary resolvent

administered, while others would prescribe them in combination, or in alterna- tures into a vibration which cannot be approached by simple manual massage. Department of some German university, in order to find the proper whether transfer from one patient to another probably occurred in sion, and proved himself not only an empiric, but a cheat, by selling common others attributed it to the temperature of the weather. It R. M., aged 58, recommended by Dr Boyd ; jiaticnt had suffered carried to too great an extent, sloughing of the gums and other The eggs of this species are difficult to be seen upon the horse's respiration, however, is not to be considered entirely due to these blood- clobederm nn and 110, respectively. And the difficulty is illustrated again, in be soaked with hot water and wrung out, so as not to step and grasps his handles. The litter is then lifted, the inside to one child, and which to the other ; that so they may be Physicians desiring to test it will be furnished a bottle free of expense, except express and pretty firm adhesion. It was also found that the ovaries also because we may hereafter have occasion to call

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surgery. The influence of the college became further increased unrolled on the other side. The rifles are then laid down, and rolled xl. pp. 1, 144.-57. ScHEELE. Deutsch. med. Woch. 1885, xi. p. 702. — 58. Syers. after chloroform administration, and his paper is based upon a distinguishes these patients from others with common duct ’l*

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