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kenzie Booth, M.D., and C. Thiselton Urquh.ibt, M.B.. Honorary
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in order that the case to be submitted and the requests pre-
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back on these terms, but denied ever intending it for human food, or
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would find a difficulty in giring a certificate that a patient suffering
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Mr. Frank Harrison showed a beautiful series of lantern
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or agent, and that it be illegal for any person not a registered, ,
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being injured by the frequency of examinations and rejec-
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with 11. Spain was the only European country unrepresented.
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J. Ganner, student of Mason College, Birmingham; E. W. H. Groves,
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Ak M.D. -who das to Pay His Rates writes to point out with reference
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Mr. A. Rajasingham, Aberdeen; Mr. W. Randall, Bridgend; Dr. H.
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cavity extends into the neck — to a level with the cricoid car-
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F. S., a lad of about l.i years of age. had from early childhood cataract
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of the ureter. To such a train of symptoms the term disloca-
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the thoracic duct was due to the lodgment there of a can-
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.Daitp Soil, Ixsasitaky Coxditioxs, Famixe, and Potbhtt
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able amount of iritis, and more than once by suppuration of
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Dr. McNaught exhibited specimens of Carcinomatous and
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fairly supplant Case vii. In Case iii the elevation of the
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tions might be set up. Certainly, in cases of thick fibre sed
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done in Glasgow, and most of the registrars devoted their
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National Orthop.edic. Hours oJ Altindance.—M. Tu. Tli. F.-, 2. Opera-
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And the following gentlemen have been recommended for the degree of
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abdominal wall, and thus lessen the danger of a fistula, as
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PTvice in his present rank. — Mr. Campbei.l-Bannerman said Surgeon-
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Asylums Board hospitals 79 have had small-pox. Of the
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adopted in India and elsewhere is given. Leprosy is an incur
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lights, and will increase the draught whenever a door is
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names ? The same applies more markedly to the medical officers of
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Haeper, J.R., L R.C P Loud , MRCS., appointed Medical Officer for
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afternoon M. Pasteur's and M. Cornil's laboratories were