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ized by pallor, weakness, cardiac palpitation, " anaemic " cardiac mur-
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Nortmann as a substitute for iodoform, is probably a combination of two
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With a widely open abdominal wound, torn open by coughing and
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nostic value, but not positively convincing, as morbid growths may sometimes
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parts) is the best, as it combines all the essentials of a vehicle, viz.: 1. It can
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extend far enough into the rectum and cause sufficient deposit to
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those of the human side of the subject; but we must reiterate the state-
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to force the liquid into the tissues. If abscesses have been formed, these
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I believe the shock resulting from a surgical operation per-
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the height of the " blind spell " the insensibility and paralysis were also
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which is gradually increased at intervals of from four to seven
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The recognition of two important facts, of which the discerning
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The diuretic action of caffeine being open to the objection that it may be
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ject, there is none more difiicult to treat. But we have learned
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Under date of July 13th the patient wrote that "she had had the ear
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diagnosis of influenza. The bacilli may be present for years in
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of being an advocate of violence for the purpose of bringing about
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viscid fluid to the viscid, purulent secretion. At this time the expecto-
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ever, certain points in practical obstetrics recently established by Conti-
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hence our troubles are increased, but when these are found in
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that the patient is being treated for the purpose of effecting a
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pressions," by W. C. Dabney, follows. The author is a firm believer in the
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first seen by me her abdomen was soft and moderately distended. There