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that it performs its second role, which is to repair
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fresh air room for pretuberculous children; if such
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rheumatic fever sodium salicylate is given in twenty
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received practically no attention in the routinely applied
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Stanley Boyd. Clinical Journal, xxi, pp. 306-8, 1902-3.
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clinical appearances, as, for example, constitutional
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Hvgicne a)id Public Health. Bv B. Arthur Whitelegge,
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turbance. Hewlett states that always a blood sugar of .16% will
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tober 26th. Dr. David John Moylan and Miss Helen Cath-
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recognizing that most of the fevers of childbed are
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lot of business done here and we are to be the military
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Operation was urged by both the writer and Dr. E. Fl.
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copoeia of the United States gives only the average
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8. Sporotrichosis in America, By Richard L. Sutton.
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would never be written, that I should be spared the
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married illegitimate sisters. These sisters were the
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r. Tlie Behavior of the QLsophagus in Enlargement of
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scleroses, etc., that afford magnificent results at
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trated book of Mt. Clemens, containing full informa-
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and Pfeiffcr's bacillus. The variation in virulence
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gonococcal, diphtheritic, and, in some localities, the
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form of the use of heat because by this method alone
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quarters, we have still left much undone in the matter of intelli-
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symptoms may be quite as severe, if not more active, than those
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Whoever answers one of these questions in the manner
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O'Connor, R. P., Major, Medical Corps. August 27th,
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the tibia and gummata of the skin where not a trace
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nual meeting of this organization, held in Evansville, Ind.,
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September 12th, granted twenty days' leave of absence.
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slow and irregular. The safely effective therapeutic
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A slight twinge of pain is felt when bloodvessels are
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606. Miinchener medizinische IVochenschrift. 1910, 33, p.
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burg, fourth district; Dr. S. R. Holroyd, of Athens, fifth
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des Urogenitalapparates. Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. R.
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treatments he had received. His tobacco habit had like-
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Doctor Wanted.— Huntington Terrace, Huntington, L. L, is a
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deaths; tuberculosis, 136 cases, 54 deaths; pneumonia, 6
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thirt}- per cent. ; and chinosol i in 2,000, applied
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of the nervous system. Albert Kuntz, Anatomical Record,