Monday evening, October 17th, at 8:30 o'clock. Dr. Qeorge

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the milk after it reaches the poor and ignorant con-

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10. The Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Intestinal

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Tetanus. — Evler presents the results of his study

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5. The Duration of Pregnancy, with a New Rule for Its

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3. Nous avons retire non seulement des matieres vomies

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turcica. Only a fair interpretive ability will deter-

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Philippine Islands — Panipanga July 24-.\ug. 6 85 74

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against ignoring the detrimental effects of psychic

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Tracy, Dr. William H. Guilfoy, registrar of vital statistics

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ployed we are forced to use dilators thereafter for

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monary tuberculosis, 125 cases, 54 deaths; pneumonia, 12

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case and no case was recorded as anKxbiasis until living

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lines similar to the crusade against tuberculosis which is

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Dr. F. G. Fielding, of Glens Falls ; vice-president. Dr. S.

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Wait. — In St. Louis. Missouri, on Tuesday, December

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-diabetic patients by the New York Health Food Company,

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Kean, Jefferson R., Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps.

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have pictured the varieties of puerperal sepsis very

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slowly, three, four, ten days, three weeks, a month.

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and Hoppe (5) say that the excretion is practically