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muscles of one frog, for example, may differ considerably in their ordi-

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sible for a theory to be false, and explain the formation of these simple

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this relapse was almost always associated with the occurrence of some

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the principle of quarantine. In quarantine on land these arrangements

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animals by subcutaneous, intraperitoneal or intestinal inoculations have

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and occasionally also from the blood and from more distant organs,

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out by stout plate-glass windows, and fitted with a strong iron door.

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bacilli are contained in the seminal fluid, it is the mother Avhich is first

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Relapse occurs in rare cases ; the patient has survived the worst

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only, against any baneful maternal influence upon the foetus *^ in utero,"

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The tubes which may contain the typhoid bacilli are next inoculated

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means is to add to the number of the trained nurses. The window

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the importance . of the inquiry in order that they should get into the

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very judicious ; but in the present case, on account of its having been

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After-management. — The success of courses of mineral waters often

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or sulphate of copper. There is no objection to giving the opium with

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isms secondary to acute infectious fevers, or secondary to rheumatic

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public's having the information, of the medical mode of treatment therein

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irritation they cause is so slight that we can hardly attribute to this

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addition to this high mountain ranges act as shelters to the leeward

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1 Put ten grains of powflered chlorate of potash into a pint bottle, and add half a drachm

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the member, also essentially embarrass the after-treatment, and add to

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mother, the foetus, sharing her blood, was impregnated with the anti-

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aud ii. 1886.-220. Ranvier. Comptes rend, de I' Acad. d. Sc. 1891, p. 84.3. — 221.

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fourth part of milk suits the large majority of new-born infants. The

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and on post-mortem examination the intestines appeared healthy. I could

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resumed at once in cases of typhus fever or in pneumonia, but not in

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rive benefit for a time. Perhaps the best thing for them is to apply

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The urine should be tested, and if sugar or albumin be found the

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periods of rest. In this way the brain becomes congested, and oedema

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