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Salzer. Munch, med. Woch. 8th Sept. 1896. — 24. Sangster, Alfred. "N011-

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ence of chemical reagents ; not only as to their solubility or insolubility,

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2. The almost complete absence of discomfort caused by

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That a certain proportion of the cases are referable to atrophy of the gastric

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day are necessarily less complete and less satisfactory. In the

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About fifteen miles from Rome, the Appian Way passes close

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tory disturbances. An elevated temperature is one of

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etc., which may be in the room with him; he shows signs of delirium,

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spread metastasis. Any of these conditions may be responsible for a

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not change the character of the charge carried by particles of toxin

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J. I., SINGLE, aged 29, a primipara, on December 9, 1911, was

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ment was most marked near the upper third ; here he

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These simulating diseases could be distinguished from the true ones only

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Scrofulous, — Calc-c, caust, con, kali-c, merc-v,.

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Preyer, of Jena, complains : " In England, and also in

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A. Martin: Pathologic und Therapie der Frauenkrankheiten, Vienna, 1887, p. 804.

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arms and shoulders, and at the external part of the thighs. When

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scarcely half of the adult jiopulation of Egypt remain

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the knowledge, in the societies, in current periodical

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the nymphal stage is active before the larval stage. It

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Multiplication has been described through the medium of conidia,

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institutions more like first-class hospitals, full of cheer-

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same painful concern was manifested. As a consequence,

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chronic uterine disease in which the use of chromic acid, nitric acid,

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Dr. Schultze refers to other groups of cases, which, however, do not appear

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left side, producing a ventral hernia about the size of a cricket

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tive or postoperative irradiation, the Roent- by tampons of ether, with which the ruga

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and adenomas. These, as well as cancerous growths, may occasion obstruc-

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possible to enforce them all — criminal statistics will never

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suburbs, a stout, florid man, who had previously had

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by coughing, as sometimes occurs with large masses of mucus