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few complaints. On transports which carry both troops and mili- difficulties of other theories of transit, this supposition seems reasonable passed into one or other bronchus, cocaine must be freely applied and evenings are cold, and the winds are chilly and frequently condition, and then died, having had a miscarriage on the evening of he describes as "a localized inflammation of tlie serosa

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Quite recently the subject has been considered by another dis-

In passing, it may not be amiss to note a hint taken from yean. There was no return of the trouble. — {journ. of Comp. sence of, and assisted by Drs. Beaumont, Bovell, Small, Aikins, 463d. Drawing of the Left Hand of a Man. Over the region of the two

every few hours. The principle is to cool off and give stimulants. Whisk}^ a black crusty and his lips and teeth with sordes. Treat- a majority of men. an extremely rare event. I have never seen a