If a person's lungs are not well developed the health will be imper-

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microscopically from ordinary granulation-tissue, and in this respect

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pelvic peritonitis may also limit the respiratory excursion of the


under way, and the patient is able to walk a little. In this case

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surrender personal feelings for the good of professional

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optimas rerum structuras et causas finales, et admir-

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positively painful, there is nothing for it but to tell the pa-

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classical work of Fitz on this class of maladies in our

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tion became thinner and the swelling of the tracheal mucous membrane

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thorax sinks in over the affected region, and, after a while, well-nuuked

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essentially In its construction, from the Uterine Truss contrived by Dr. Hull, and Is, In all respects, a

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son is more difficult of inoculation when the cuticle is thidc and resist*

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influence of these baths and waters on chronic uterine diseases, attended

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covered the microbe of rabies. He says : " It is a micro-

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same time scattered about, especially in the region of the mustache

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1902. Newsholme^ attributed one-third of a total of 56 cases of typhoid to

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lu this disorder it is uot difficult to distinguish the symptoms

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dark colour and changed state of the cor- ! quantity of blood. Upon now dropping on

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he had had a horror of the operation of craniotomy on

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unsatisfactory to me. If I had seen the whole surface of the

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temjjerature is even low and the pulse slow; but the appetite i»

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sidered to be of a rheumatic nature, but 3 months later an ab-

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to be from intussusception ; and of 1541 cases of obstruction from all causes,

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rutae, Cuprum ammoniatum, Decoctum aloes compositum, D.