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Occurring almost coincidently with the hospital fires
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dense fibrous tissue. The growth consists entirely of
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of environment for all teeth and all oral conditions.
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— cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts and meats, — and
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rich in solid matter, albumen, fatty matters, sodium
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It is w<»rthy of note that of the two cases f)c-
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Illustrated. New York and Philadelphia: Lea Brotliers &
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poikilocytosis ; very many nucleated red cells, chiefly
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posed, and Mr. Hutchins seconded, a special vote of
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gests that ulcer patients, when well nourished, can
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found substances, toxins, in cholera spirilla, which
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Ravel, Martin, Poireault, Gargani, Sladowski, Pean,
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The great difficulty at times encountered in making
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mental factor being an element in all diseases. This
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placenta. Notwithstanding the patient's rapid pulse,
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blood diseases, or of the various degenerative pro-
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or thirty p«!r thousand to (■if^iit<'en or twenty. This sav-
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mal. One cm. below pylorus, upon the posterior surface
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Died comatose Oct. 5, 1899. Lived two years and six
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already tlu^ subject of pelvic diseas*', by insisf eiitly
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A Journal o/ Medicine, Surgery and Allied Seiencet, publiahed at
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extraneous attractions, medicine wUl never flourish
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which, after giving a careful resume of the litera-
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and other general infections is apparently far less
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fistula may be single or multiple, or single in the
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neither arterial blood nor bubbles of air, it was evi-
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rected by the pathologist to the lesions of the minuter
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type of blood, the red corpuscles show much greater
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193; observations on the effect of cathetic drainage on the function of the
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stimulated leucocytosis and cell metabolism, is very
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its workers hearty zeal and devotion; and that, al-
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absence for fourteen days from Feb. 27. March 10, 1903.
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