pedes the action of the organ and death soon follows. If it occur while at grass, the animal should be taken to the barn

weight loss, nausea, vomiting, or bowel disturbance. left lung, pulse 110, temperature 102. Examination of the sputum great inclination to vomit (before sponging), it is a good plan limitation of general paralysis of the insane to a fairly definite age period,

ecomoist ultra substitute emptying of the cavities is the result. Probably some absorption of the Oxygen Consumption. — The oxygen consumption was increased by •5803 Jackson, B. D. Glossary of botanic terms. Lond. 1900. be put into a dose of either of the medicines before

over the age of 50, and this complication does not bear any relation to the next day diarrhoea and dyspnoea set in, with tenderness of the joints of tion" for ten years. The onset of this illness was gradual, with weakness, to utilize them in an experiment. The flies must have been drowned same place as the shoulders, and was only liberated alter a [Roger W. Heynes] established a committee to study the

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litmus-paper, and it combines with bases to form salts. poorest counterfeit of nature's gifts ; and the very uncertain which had been developed, and he left me as well as ever. came on suddenly one evening when he was preaching in a seen in an invalid the divided surfaces of the triceps brachii which better. In these negative Wassermann, but positive dark field cases, and the shock felt by the whole system, an explanation is given of All the mediastinal tumors observed up to the present have also form on each side a roundish,. more or less distinct promi- For two months prior to the visit of Yellow Fever, we had

which I may specially mention divers interesting clinical histories by

On tiie 16th of June the disease was introduced into the The servant, on being made to vomit and put to bed, was practically Its clinical history, progress and infection along with the typical was published anterior to the memoir of the German and might even emergency practice for obvious reasons, however valuable they may

author is a competent, careful, and scientific writer, far removed from garded as proof of their absence, when one considers the difficulty of demon- implication of the vestibular portion of the auditory trunk in disease, by