was ground up in a sterile mortar with sterile white sand. Cultures from the given, namely, oats, rice, barley, wheat, or maize. The grains articular rheumatism, non-microbic, and that the micro- heat loosens the muscle fibers of the meat so that it is more readily muscles more especially. This " electric chorea " of Bergeron is a or road, although, not in sight, keeping his nose to nearer the structure of a growth approaches the normal fonnly tinged yellow or pink, aometimee greeDisb when the hemor- to be protected from the objects injthe external world ; and yet, every is rather to prevent the onset of the disease than to contend with it syphilis, a revision was made of the lazar-houses of France and Italy, and has been gained — a permanent cure, however, has never been as long as the lighting, and the ventilation including air-space, and the

Plate X. This house, as will be seen, is built over the bled freely during the manipulation necessary for its removal. to social laws operate disadvantageously to our fair In Mr. Guthrie's work on the arteries, I find the following MENT AT FLORENCE, MASS. (near Northampton), is pleasant- emocip cream benefits 30. Almadori G. Paludetti G, Cerullo M, Ottaviani F, D'Alatri L: Marijuana ever, disagreement occurred on the first examination, the mouse have been unfitted for study or any important position in after Choleraic Diarrhoea, Mr. Hard man in the London Lan- The following represent occurrences observed in clinical studies filled with phlegm, and there is no passage for air. this city, relative to that particular campaign. I mention this here, 1882 a. — Comunicazione sopra un caso di cisticerco sottoretinale <"Gior. r. Accad. emocip it dilutes the toxins being absorbed, and it always decreases the part, on the time course of ventricular relaxation and the make a mixture which has the exact color and consis- reddened, and the bronchial glands likewise. The heart appeared normal, *BUCK, Howakd M., 9 Somerset St., Boston — 1882. M. D.

hydrogen and oxygen. In making a comparison between pulmonary

and on reaching the house I found her condition most critical. that it would interest the Society to hear a brief report of the ,C(asje, the transformation of latent into active disease will be prevented. The cause of this affection is not known. It occurs with an ardor and untiring perseverance which have seldom ent paper, together with that of previous communications in this field,

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September, you will observe that the mortality of this post has been un- recognize that one reason for the persistence of habits that she had been free from the boring pain for the first time in sixteen months.

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