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common acne, simple erythema, and lupus erythematosus. With regard
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Hallucinations of sight among those who have grown- blind also occur, but
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metal tongs, to avoid getting natural oil from the fingers
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but there are yet two other ways in which organic disease brings about
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was at small pains to conciliate the leaders of either party.
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has any foundation in fact, or was merely the outcome of insane delusion.
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This should be kept in a glass-stoppered bottle in an
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fungus elements are always to be found easily in these stumps, while in
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grounds or the wards of asylums. Earely is the ordinary lunatic inclined
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baldness in patches is the characteristic feature of alopecia areata.
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calcium chloride is added, and the exact time required
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together to form large patches. Later these patches usually scale, and
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hallucinatory insanity which he had treated successfully. The patient, who
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(one grain to the ounce) may be applied on lint and covered with oiled silk,
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be only a more severe form of the same disturbance which causes erythema
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want of training, and leads to imperfect observation and inaccuracy in
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solution. Although tincture and syrup of lemons help to mask the taste
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Too frequent washing with insufficient drying greatly favours the
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that correspond with those normal for the age, are signs of mental
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and outdoor games. Under such suitable treatment about 60 per cent of
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"Then I will answer it; I learnt of Doctor Hulme, my
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This distinction is not altogether satisfactory, to my mind, because it
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muscles, the nerves are deprived of the plump muscular cushions which
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covered with crusts, and showing here and there some excoriated patches
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