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A presentation was made of three cases of torsion of
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prosperity of the country they treacherously profess to serve —
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which restored pulsation in the vessels. Weak carbolic acid solutions
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ventor. Dr. Moura-Bourouillou, at least as good as that
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who, as Bignami notes, described a sporulation in which, to judge
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referring to Dr. Post's letter published in these columos
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pall their appetites, and weaken their stomachs ; lucerne,
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operation, and the next was that he was in such a state
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abdominalis. Ztschr. f. klin. Med., Berl., 1891, xix, 'Ju5-
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sharply localized consolidation (increased fremitus, i>ercussion-dulness, moist
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perhaps not more so than customary in children. The minute vessels of
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passing the above examination, the student shall have fulfilled
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Damascus, Syria. Residency at the Medical College of Ohio,
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Few visceral lesions of importance have been detected ; but not un-
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exhibition, and to give the doses at such intervals that the action
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The presence of gas in the pericardial sac, except in small quantities