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the body. In phosphorus-poisoning actual fatty degeneration of the

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soft palate, the pharynx, the Eustachian tubes, and the tympanic cavity.

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dilatation of the trunk and rarely of the main branches. From the ter-

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by fever, headache, and pain in the muscles that may be agonizing.

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when the right heart fails a lessened amount of blood reaches the left

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is of great value ; but how much greater value to all concerned it

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by various sized curds. They may also be light-greenish, with

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pimply, vein-coursed appearance of the mucosa is characteristic. The

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tonic contraction. If the patient, after a period of rest, attempts to set a

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gastric symptoms as by a suitable dietary, and in no other manner

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ent, either being stationary or slowly increasing in severity and widen-

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of the affection. Coutts ^ dissents from this opinion.

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theria, and beri-beri give rise to the most serious types, and often cause

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sible, the assistant supplying' the power needed to complete the

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roborative. To detect the actinomyces, says Warren, sections may be

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a few cases of my own. I have also observed favorable results from care-

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degeneration and atheroma are not contraindications to its use, but are

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You need not be surprised at this homoeopathic gathering if I

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tenotomized. Then the foot was brought into a position of 120

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case ran the usual course to recovery without complication,

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and dyspeptic symptoms ; and either ma}^ give rise to paroxysms of severe

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disease cases occurring in a fiimily or in institutions should be isolated,

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other hand strongly, and the clasp persists. When he lets go, it is seen

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1. Having their origin in the memhranes, either extra-cerebral or

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hence does not produce displacement of adjacent organs. It may be

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isy for twenty minutes at a time gives almost instantaneous relief

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tively rare, and, unless the abscess rupture into the gastro-intestinal

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acid, spiced, or adulterated foods (as from salicylic acid and lead chromate)

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guished band of experts whom Dr. Gould has enlisted in the service of the Vear-Book, oi- the

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