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of Iluntsville, to employ the remedy in such cases as he might deem
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to stimulation of the peripheral vagi and heart muscle, and
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Derivation. — Phenyl-hydrazine is acted upon by aceto-
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same means. I never poke for hours at the os uteri, producing
lants, or ammonia, in jaborandi or pilocarpine poisoning.
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be obliged first to give him warning. It is not considered necessary first
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antidote, but is not wholly satisfactory. It should be used^
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one of cause, but of manifestation — the difference of manifestation
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but recognize in an instant the monstrous absurdity of calling a com-
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have observed, and such as occur to me at the moment of writing.
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brane had about disappeared I gave her for 24 liours the tartrate of
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charges. Even a 1 per cent, solution is germicidal, and may
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active principle; it exists to the extent of 0.5 per cent.; is
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ra of the thorax or abdomen — springing up epidemically or other-
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intestinal hemorrhage (dried ferric subsulphate or Monsel's
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assistant surgeons in the volunteer service, and are requested to call
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circiihirs to moml)ers of the pntfession residing in ever}' township in
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then delivered of a dead foetus, intended for a male child (weiuht
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as lime. Solution of lime is a sedative and astringent.
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added to alcoholic liquors in veterinary practice to prevent
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exhibition ot bismuth, owing to traces of tellurium con-,
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culation in all the vessels, both great and small. The tourniquet of
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pi-C'ili IT lose Cdlnr. On tlie slicililirif^ of the first tocth, flic permanent
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not mnkc out at the ordinnry distance. Such was liis condition in
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the caustic, the outside of the plaster should be covered with
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The table is quoted from the Medical Slaiialics of the United Stales Ar-
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In the analysis of so large a number of physical ills, there arc some
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eflficiently. In the first stage of acute bronchitis, apomor-
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history, physical and chemical properties, physiological
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Argenti Nitras Dilutus. Diluted Silver Nitrate. (U. S. P.)
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the arch, the aortic valves are rendered incompetent ; and being so,
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Why was blood-letting withheld in this case, as recommended by
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gelsemine is not to be compared with atropine for general
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Aboriginal Races, reported progress, and, on motion, the Committee was continu-
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Oleo-resina, pi, Oleo-resince. — Oleo-resins are semi-solid