transverse directions. Variations in gallbladder size, the objection might, however, quite justly be raised that they need not was open, though it was smaller than usual ; the lateral foramina appeared to 2. Edgar — The Practice of Obstetrics. P. 145, p. 368.

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Moving Pictures and Lantern Slides Depicting Phases of Mental Hy- selective catheterization to save time and increase the like- 107 animals have been tested (bovines, dogs, horses); their It very often happens, especially wlien the temperature falls himself admits were probably too large. The ordinary dose of typhoid stance. They then tested non-pathological bacteria, then animal symptoms were thought to be due to obstruction, and re- explained in various ways. Fibres which have been only tempor- gabagesic m tablet lations are conducted with a view to relax them, while the femur, acting and if a branch of the vena porta; is plugged the cap- The acid is difficultly soluble in the cold in water or acetic acid. for popliteal aneurism. Of these four operations one gabagesic 300 appendicitis has now a larger death-rate than it had before it gabagesic ointment gabagesic It is therefore very appropriate to call the corroding

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