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As to the causes of the hypotension which is almost universallv found

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Rubbed into powder, with equal parts of loaf-sugar, and one-fourth of

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into a thin- walled cyst, full of limpid serous fluid, with little or no tendency

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ing more effect upon the distended blad- ry, Ala., and H. S. Shefifield' of New York

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course, would not have been a matter of any surprise.

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rial diseases in the German school, and thoroughness is granted

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The foreign body was a flat piece of vulcanite, triangular in shape,

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65,5S inhabitants to a square mile, and an increase of 15) per

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moisture or spots of blood on the pillow. The cases in which such

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There is reason to believe that, even when diphtheria is epidemic, and

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based upon the admitted impossibility of restoring the obliterated cells

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agreeable ; the odour in typhus is of a special nature, and the penetrating acid

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one piece with a long hook-shaped attachment which hangs down

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narily lasts from three to four hours, he exhibits antikamnia internally, securing

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A few days later the doctor met with an accident, his hors€f

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plexy, especially when it depends upon cerebral hemorrhage, the temperature

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clinical memoranda. Harper s Hosp. Bull., Detroit, 1897-8,

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diagnosis and treatment An interesting point in Mr. Sheild's first case

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strangulation should be, medically speaking, as distinctly provable without

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included in this arrangement, the corks plugged into the drilled

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according to Busck, to be considered as sensitizers analogous

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application of dry heat in the form of or by the coat)

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The harvest is in August. The total estimate of the an-

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should be provided with a cap of copper meshed wire gauze which may

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case with extensive arthritis, in which the diplococcus

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