Dr. E. W. Bartlett: The question is as to whether this
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high fever, those whose failure of appetite and digestion is in excess of
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Green, in his excellent paper on the treatment of syphilis without
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and excited, during the prevalence of the epidemic, a degree of alarm,
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ber of cases. I have never willingly left an ovary when the
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and contained a variable number of corpuscles — from eight
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a local epidemic, complete failure of any protective inoculation at
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the ophthalmoscope, the hypermetropia was found to be + \-
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temporo-sphenoidal lobe. Some lymph also on the anterior end of the superior
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ble, the second expresses a truth which is felt by the best members
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the temporal bone is favourable to the extension of the septic process to
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Cerebral fungus kicks back, as it were; it increases the intracranial
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previously, three children of another family were attacked by
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sion of its real value at this time should be based upon data#of fresh
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convulsions are very severe, and the body is often arched over back-
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patients require all forms of food; but if the digestive power be feeble it is
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may have been due to the toxemia of pneumonia, but very peculiar circu-
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impression is rlistinctly conveyed that in the so-called " peptonuria," the
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used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit tustifies the potential risk to the fetus