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Jefferson Maternity; Clinical Professor of Paediatrics in the Woman's
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spoke of while at Brigham Hall). Was subject to many
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Hawke. — In Washington. D. C, on Monday, July 25th,
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vessels on both sides may be ligated without causing atrophy of the uterus.
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existing in most cases, relative insufficiency of the mitral or tricuspid
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with the Consent of the Board of Trustees from the Trans-
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point the vessel is again examined at Suez, and, if found to be in good
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ningf {Ansivers due not later than September ij, 1910.)
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supplies of the genuine product are available it must
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dered or the uterus is incapable of responding to its
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ceive them, and they drift along until their malady
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give alcohol, or alcohol in which a nuinber of bodies
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regret that the complete and excellent translation by
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ception, difficult localization of sensation, and inco-
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Eigidity of the abdominal muscles is often of the greatest value in
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pinions p' and joining shaft are fastened to the car-
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well in the lead of all its sister branches. The iso-
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painful. The swelling disperses or gathers in a huge collection of pus.
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preference to Porro's operation, which has only speed of performance in
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to its former state. Mercurial inunctions were again
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As in all other domains, so in the special field of
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and pituitrin are types, continue to attract the in-
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fluid. In polioencephalitis the cerebrospinal fluid
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a brownish pus-like fluid having the appearance of anchovy sauce was
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titioner alike, and deserves a convenient place for daily use.
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grave intracranial trauma cither to the brain or its
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culum which was presented at the meeting of the Asso-
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should adequately care for them. This, he believed,
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Department of Health of the City of New York numbered
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amount had been mcreased from year to year, until at the
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wrist, then active inflammation set in, and he was compelled to discontinue
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lateralis and had suffered from hemorrhage. The lochia was foul. The
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My'ers. William H., Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.
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males, the mortality was 32 per cent. ; in his first 111 operations his mor-
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