Having produced a satisfactory certificate of good conduct. Being of
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ment, as evinced by convulsions or palpitation (pills of extract of valerian,
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and prevent bic1erll^g??;tnl;jf Llsed!'^'"''^"' ''''''' ^"^^^^^ ^^^^-^
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examination are : 1. Anatomy and Physiology of the Bones, Muscles,
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of the disease the speech is sometimes almost wholly incomprehensible. We
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2Vi3mantan Council of Education, — Examination for the degree of
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for our purposes we consider the word "egg" as referring to chicken eggs unless otherwise
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have passed the required examinations. The course of study recom-
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a foreign part. Every repetition of an examination shall, as far as pos-
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lent to a six months' course, proyided different departments of Obstetric
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part as an ^etiological factor. Writer's cramp is therefore seen chiefly, but of
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^l!!^* be ORly slightly defined. Due to the thickness of ti*
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early. It is sometimes of decided advantage, especially in the early stages of
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the blindness, etc., caused by the growth. Other cases may present only mild
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. il. 5f Clinical Record, ^is fom is used te mcord al! clinical
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2. Cases may be stored upside down in the warehouse; ^hen thev
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ever, that the true seat of chorea is to be sought in the brain. In the first
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The same is true of hemorrhages from the stomach and other internal organs.
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tacks are frecment. and not influenced markedly by internal medication
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of simple ointment), etc. We may also use chloroform, by applying blotting
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consideration of accompanying symptoms (scotoma, vomiting) can we avoid
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mnst be made in the prescribed form to the Secretary of the Uncovenanted Civil
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'{3) What is the aporoxltnate confosltlon of AjJIk?
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the patient has been moving his muscles for some time. On going upstairs
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(4) .mat aril the' main Inrndietits used in theWactur^ of • '
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ships at a time shall be held by the same person." One is awarded for
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examined upon the essay, " and upon other sanitary questions." — ^The
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Bs. 10 per annum, the fees being placed at the credit of the bospitaL
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9ener8te less vital neat tecaise of lower respiratory rates.
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velopment and are therefore coordinate with each other. Hydromyelus
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night the pain begins again, and there is a fresh fever ; and these alternations