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detected in all other combinations. The probability is, that it is united,
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Itind, and the track of a similar colour, which marks the course of
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..,. ...,i.,..i.... ....1 i, *...,,,.. I.. ..ti . i.,...,_^ By J.3H. nAlVJHT.\,>s
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lost our fine sense of the tragic element in this vice,
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tures as a function of the distance in the colon from a depth of
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made to the dimini*ihed frequency of pulse which follows, in a short time»
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would be well if this last learned gentleman would turn his
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this excessive use of the medicine, probably, contribute to the end in
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It may be employed conjointly with them from the beginning of the
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troduce stimulus into the stomach in as concentrated a state as the organ
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Origin and Properties. The oxide of zinc is prepared cither by burn-
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It is the same antiphlogistic action which has recommended it in
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Piperin has had considerable reputation in the treatment of intermit-
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and the preparation may be given in wineglassful doses.
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continue altogether independently of its further inlluence, just as if it had
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a notice of these researches in the form of a note, to await the result of future
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that, in these various instances, we don't know exactly why the
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parate houses, we have to take into view the influence of
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III. Agents Operating Chemically — 1. Oxidizing Disinfeotants, oomprising Ozonet
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grammes (80 to 45 grains) caused trembling, stupor, and insensibility;
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imrorporatiiig the aromatic powder above referred to with clarified honey.
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serve the lustre of the eye, and ruddiness of the cheek longer than those in
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if the immersion continue, in painful sensations of fulness, distension, and
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is very slightly soluble in cold water, somewhat more so in boiling water,
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are frequently perceptible, either unchanged, or somewhat modified, in
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pours of the atmosphere, which descend in violent i*ains. But
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habits, diet, and various exposures of the patient. The*blue discolora-
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more or less to excite the stomach. In a short time, its influence extends
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or applied on a single layer of thin muslin i>r linen. In strangulated
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which shall not be exceeded ; and this quantity should not be large
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may not interrupt the current. Of the diflerent methods of terminatioii
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gestion. The colour will often depend upon the nature of
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tive, but it is necessary for life. Attempts have been made
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the active matter retained in solution upon the cooling of the decoction.
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that lower still in the scale of susceptibility are the centres of organic
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The emetic, bowever, should be aided by various accessory meaaure&
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Henbane Leaf. — Hyoscyami Folium. U.S. — HyoHcyamus. Br.
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these conditions of cold exposure as compared to the room tem-
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with the view of imparting tone to the digestive organs and system gen-
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Experiments by Mr. Charles E. Squarey, a report of which was presented by Ih*.
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pression from the medicine. It is, however, an elegant stomachic cor-
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prepared with water at ordinary temperatures, the latter with the same
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should produce general prostration is not always very evident; but such
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recently U8ed in the form of spray, by means of the atomizer It ha«