which agrees with his description, and cannot be otherwise accounted for.
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protoplasmic decomposition from which the cell can never recuper-
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the examiner, with one hand on the upper left-hand corner of the
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Prof. Lloyd of Philadelphia states that from dissections made
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whose language he does not speak well, or in a hotel, or in lodgings,
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Perforation, etc., in); Fever ( li/phoid. Prolonged);
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hectic, bed-sores, and profuse discharge, that amputation of the thigh seemed
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I. Clinical features of patients at risk. Ann Intern Med 1992;
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From what has been already stated in the first part of this volume — book — it may
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susceptible to measles and mumps were exposed and attacked during
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aortic pressure is for the moment adjusting itself. It would
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rhea may result. Eruptions on the skin may also occur. It is
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with the truth of Langhans's statement as to the frequency
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Par., 1889, 3. s., xxi, 551-'554. — Vojfl (A.) Mittlieilungeu
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produced by the introduction of a vaccine into the body corresponds
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retroversion the restoration is often more difficult, sometimes re-
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nosis.'' The oflScers for the ensuing year are: President, Dr. F. F.
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system is still so irritable that they cannot be borne at all. But
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2. When simple hemiplegia, or hemiplegia with hemi-
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If tannic acid really possesses the power of correcting the ten-
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an absence of optic neuritis, and to a great extent also of headache
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is further shown by his using words of both French and
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both animal and vegetable foods. The mixed diet, free from excess of
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meters, nothing to fear ; moreover, at Freetown again, it has
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etc. Exposure to cold is a very frequent cause. This disease is known
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At 11.30 P M. of that day, the patient was awakened by an
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superiority that they do over the mass of their professional
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bones, but only inferred it from symptoms. On page 76 he
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Mode of death. — None of the symptoms which have been described are
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43 — Oesophagostoma Inflatum, Cephalic Extremity 119
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is demanded the presence of an agent witliin the body which, as stated by
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Under it, besides the iliacus internus and psoas muscles, pass the
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would answer for this purpose. If unable to control the case, cut
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the usual arterial bruit of Graves' disease, which is very
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otherwise specially qualified, in the opinion of the
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