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checked, an extension of the disease to the feet may still prove

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want of hardness in the pulse, and the slow progress

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portion of cases, but quite often the disease appears in

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marized as follows: 1. Prevention by the exercise of the most

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immobilization. Barling, who has had a large experience with this method,

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tained by lumbar puncture, nor has it or the Diplococcus intracellu-

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tion site. The red colour of the lymph glands was dis-

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professional persons. The prisoner's innocence, therefore, rested on the pre-

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Since the beginning of the present outbreak of yellow

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rely on statistics, they do not seem to have lessened the fatality of the pestilence.

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called, said : " If as a practising physician I had signed as

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my personal experience in support of Dr. Daly's idea

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cost. But if this be somewhat depressing, yet one cannot help

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pain him with the truss off, he continued working carefully during the rest of the

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body, and particularly in the lym[)h nodes. Probably this cannot

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once in the stains made from the blood of a goldfinch. It is

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formed as in cerebral softening. By absorption of the inflammatory exuda-

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Detailed Reports, Prospectuses, and every infoi-mation may be obtained on application, personally, or by letter addressed to the Actuary and

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The first duty in these cases was to treat the uterus. In-

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is strongly suggestive of visceral lesion, while Bryant,"

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It is not worth while to go into the details of circula-

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unhapp)^ days, which I might have avoided by a single blood

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ideas are also to be gleaned from the general opinions

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in Roman society against examining the human body for scientific

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Verkoppelung bei Grozen Defekten zum Zweck der Nervennaht).

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me& seriously and "prepared for each event. Others tooi<

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and sedative medicines might overcome the evil; but the

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ing lecithin and the wide variations in composition of lecithin

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age of sugar and of urea as are usually seen when no medication is carried

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4. Measurements made by one examiner cannot safely be used

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capacity of the kidney, as shown by the elimination of phenolsulfone-