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thaemia. The special point is the appearance of large numbers of cells not

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quite correctly, and spoke well, with occasional mistakes, of which

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that they do not appear to us to be of much significance. More-

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and nerves, while the inner ones, in states of health, exhibit

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the quarantine camp there. On January 18th the first

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mooted question. Without entering into any discussion of this question,

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Brunswick. While a medical certificate ment of the insane. The physician, when

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a iiKiime of an article by Dr. M. O. Jon(s, of Chicago,

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know his assailant by sight, and does not believe he ever was in his Labo-

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dicle was divided by the actual cautery. Since then,

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duration it is obstinate, and perhaps incurable, yet tem-

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plii<;i»in<; in the right femoral occurred somowhcrf in

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does not interfere with advancement in other subjects of

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seen a cai^e of fistula from the use of f6rciii)s, excei)t in one

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ous arguments that have been adduced on either side

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you more than once in the past few days. " How shall I best

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signed by the proper officer at the Congress, can obtain

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party any monopoly of attempts to lessen the evils attendant upon

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you his history as he gave it to me, and make no apolo-

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and nrt8 render a journal specially devoted to the subject a necessity to those whose pursuits

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bursement system that rewards procedures and penalizes

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thickened with coagulated lymph. The fuperior portion of the ar-

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the fourth year come the strictly medical examinations,

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of the forearms and of the hands. Ability to move the legs

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"plantain-like" leaves are, in some respects, like those of the

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residing in Pinckney Street, near the last mentioned cases, were attacked on the

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France ; and Schweineseuche, in Germany. Contagious pneumonia of

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improvements for imparting theoretical and practical knowledge. Many

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whiteness of the teeth ; the whole body is shrivelled and extenuated,

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deeply stained nucleolar membrane (PL 5, Fig. 2, No. 10). These

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