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or privately, that it has made any effort in that direction.

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history of gastric trouble, we suspect haematemesis. If, on the

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thickened on both sides. There is beading of the ribs. The skin is

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i. e., the inflammation is a chronic one with recurring peri-

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with lenses. The mirrors used by Kime for concentrating

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thirty-three ; when a boy, patient began introducing part-

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more water added to bring it to the proper colour. A larger

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reign of King James I., Avhich brought multitudes of needy Scots-

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slight eczema of the hands such gloves may be worn at night only ;

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inferior to many others, but from its smoke being nearly free

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torn to a greater depth, but Dtihrssen asserts that there is no

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has been repeatclly observed ns & aeqiiel of relaptĀ«ng fever. The pi

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tricuspid. In insufficiency of the pulmonary valves the resulting con-

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ally dilate the os, perhaps enough to allow it to pass, and thus

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The great work was heralded by the publication of six plates of

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Cut surface seen on bisection of the ovary. A capsule of stretched ovarian

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extended their observations only over a verv limited space of

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was red and shiny when the scales w^ere removed ; beyond

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usually due to the absorption of that energy of radiation

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Before closing this notice it may not be improper to say some-

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been recorded by Weinberger {Schmid's Jahrb., cxxi. 34) and by Clemens

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shall's suggestions were (if we may credit newspaper reports)

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and skin are quite clean, the blood will at once run out in a

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the investigations, and the results of his work are

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Gairdner has suggested, that the muscular contractions of the

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