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my use of the term. To intoxicate is to poison the brain by a
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nary disorders — will more speedily be brought to a favorable
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No impression could be made by the finger towards the repo-
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and its value as a prolonger of life in advanced cases. He actively-
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New York Academy of Medicine; member of the New York Obstet-
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manent : it was, however, a useful mode of treatment, even in
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not he sent hack to the rear. Their transport should be effected
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American Medical Monthly. One of the works of which Dr. Flint
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ence to unknown forces, which may change or vary any moment.
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New York. Dr. O'Connor is at present (1918) in the Medical Re-
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weeks spent either in the country, or in the mountains, or at the seashore.
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individual case as one of this kind, without the most thorough
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consulting physician and surgeon at the Eye and Ear Department of the Homoeo-
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" Oesophago-Gastrostomy after Intrathoracic Resection of the Oesophagus"
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operation was performed, and of the cool discernment with which an indispensable
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the practice of his profession, making a specialty of the
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contributed. In 1895 he received from Harvard University the hon-
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tained in the vaginal secretions of women suffering from vagini-
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Dr. Lewis was an attendant at Alfred Academy at the time of the
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ology, disease only disordered health, and morbid action, simply
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higher animals, known to depend upon the growth and develop-
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(Archives of Pediatrics, Phila., 1889, Vol. 6, 384-390).
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numbers seventy. Beginning with a throat and nose clinic only, it
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colleges, New York City, and M.D. St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg,
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of fifteen months, which in those days and until a few years ago in-
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Copper Works, Swansea, South Wales, coming to this country in 1886,
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joyed his frequent visits to the home of his boyhood.
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In private life, Dr. Wende was a man of simple, unpretentious
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4. "Spontaneous Rupture of the Spleen in Typhoid Fever," with
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and applied knowledge. He was a brave man. No truer
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process for extracting a superior honey of remarkable medical